Grades Taught



Provost Public School is a K-12 school with approximately 300 students. Our students come to us from the town of Provost, communities within the MD of Provost, and surrounding rural residencies. Our students come from various backgrounds, structures and needs.

Our K-4 classrooms have one classroom for each grade level. Our grade 5-12 classes are departmentalized, where teachers instruct specialized subject areas. Provost Public School strives for an inclusive learning environment. In addition, teachers have been working towards developing and implementing a Concept-Based foundation of learning, where students are engaged in contexts that lead to connecting concepts within the curriculum and transferring understanding.

As a BTPS school, we are working towards a four-year plan. Our school has focussed on two overarching assurance elements:

1. Developing strong literacy, numeracy, communication skills and inclusive attitudes to be productive global citizens.
2. Collaborating with appropriate stakeholders to provide authentic learning opportunities that respect our local and societal contexts.

Along with academics, PPS also values athletics, arts, and mental health wellness. We strive for a culture of respect that contributes to a balanced approach to education.


To be dynamic leaders in empowering students to be caring, responsible, and contributing global citizens with a passion for learning.



Provost Public School is committed to ensuring a respectful community of belonging that empowers responsible, lifelong learners.


Community of Provost

In addition to Crescent Point Place, our sports complex with outdoor pool, athletics are also supported by several baseball fields, soccer fields, a skateboard park and tennis courts. Our community provides a number of services and clubs such as Golf, Bowling, Curling, Swim Club, 4H, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, Tae-Kwon-do, Minor Hockey, Minor Ball, Bantam 6-man football, Soccer, Dance, Pre-school and Play School Programs.