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Powerschool Sign in

BTPS Powerschool Portal will be available for students to log into, very soon.  To access student marks, students will be able to use their network username and password.  Do not worry if you are not sure of how to set it up as there will be an email sent out shortly on how to do this.   Once students log into the program using a computer at school, they can log into the Student Portal!!  The web address is the same as the parent portal.  They will use the same URL as parents use ..... powerschool login. We will be adding this link to the Students page on the BTPS website and  to our school website Students’ page as well. 

Students will probably also want to use the Mobile App -- PowerSchool Mobile.  They will get this info in their initial email from BTPS.  Currently, the mobile webpages and mobile app are not available on student wifi yet.  When this is available we will be emailing info out to Gr 7-12 students.