Staff Directory


Photo of Stacy Brouwer

Stacy Brouwer

Assistant Principal

Photo of Katrin Heim

Katrin Heim

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Kim Pickard

Mrs. Kim Pickard

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 780-753-6824

Photo of Roxy Reinhart

Mrs. Roxy Reinhart

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 780-753-6824

Social Emotional Coach

Photo of Stacie Bakken

Stacie Bakken

Inclusive Learning

Photo of Elyscha Kleinsasser

Elyscha Kleinsasser

Phone: 780-753-6824


Photo of Fawn Beatty

Mrs. Fawn Beatty

Photo of Teresa Boerrichter

Mrs. Teresa Boerrichter


Photo of Alesha Campbell

Ms. Alesha Campbell

Photo of Dawn Doetzel

Dawn Doetzel

Photo of Michelle Dunwoody

Ms. Michelle Dunwoody

Phone: 780-753-6824

Photo of Elyscha Kleinsasser

Mrs. Elyscha Kleinsasser

Phone: 7807536824

Photo of Mike Olsen

Mr. Mike Olsen

Photo of Brad Pylypow

Brad Pylypow

Photo of Cindy Pylypow

Cindy Pylypow

Photo of Joanne Shaw

Miss Joanne Shaw

Phone: 780-753-6824

Photo of Sherrilyn Spencer

Sherrilyn Spencer

Photo of Corinne Trenerry

Corinne Trenerry

Photo of Chris Tuckey

Mr. Chris Tuckey

Photo of Lauren Heck

Lauren Heck

Educational Assistants

Photo of Terri Lynn Culleton

Mrs. Terri Lynn Culleton

Educational Assistant

Photo of Tara Davis

Mrs. Tara Davis

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Christine Downing

Christine Downing

Photo of Aylene Jago

Aylene Jago

Photo of Muriel Murphy

Muriel Murphy

Photo of Donna Wark

Donna Wark

Photo of Avis Youse

Avis Youse

placeholder image for Trina Kohlman

Trina Kohlman

placeholder image for Sheena Alberti

Sheena Alberti

placeholder image for Dorothy Connauton

Mrs. Dorothy Connauton

Educational ssistant