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Avis Youse

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My husband and I have been living in the Provost community for thirty years. We own Oasis Sandblasting, which is located on our acreage just outside of Provost. We also raise alpacas, sheep, chickens, a turkey, and several dogs. We have six children and one little granddaughter who, btw, is the most intelligent, witty, charming, and adorable, 4 year old I have yet to encounter:) The youngest of my children, twins, are now in grade 10(gulp). School sports have always been an important part of my family's life. I have likely spent more time in our PPS gym, in the past 20 years, than I have anywhere else! I can proudly say that, last year, my youngest son participated in every single sport PPS has to offer. I am proud of my family's accomplishments and will continue to be a cheerleader for them forever.